Help young people discover and use their strengths!

Hello There!

My name is Dynamizer.


I'm a fun and educational learning activity that helps young people discover and use their strengths. Before I go any further, you should know that I'm SO much more than just a deck of cards.

I'm a way to help the young people in your life build their self-confidence. I help them deepen their relationships and improve the way they communicate. I can even help reduce bullying in their schools and help them figure out a great career path.

So, anyway, it's nice to meet you. I hope we get to hang out soon, in person (so to speak)...!

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What will you do with Dynamizer?

Share the power of strengths with an important young person in your life, and help them...

Grow Their Self-Awareness

Boosts self-awareness and self-esteem by providing deep personal insights about intrinsic motivators

Improve Their Relationships

Improves communications and relationships by helping you understand where other people are coming from

Build Self-Confidence

Helps stand up to negative peer pressure by building self-confidence and resilience

Address Conflict & Bullying

Teaches how to constructively address interpersonal conflicts and helps prevent bullying by respecting differences
Dynamizer Strengths

Everyone Has A Dynamizer

Help your young person discover their uniqueness!

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What People Are Saying

Spoiler alert: we're changing the world, one little blue box at a time.

Erin Marie Ulmer

Erin Marie Ulmer

Executive Director, Camp Rise Above

“Our campers get so much from using Dynamizer! Living with serious illnesses and disabilities often causes these children to feel defined by their weaknesses. However, Dynamizer allows them to identify their individual strengths and talents. As they step away from being labeled by their illness, these wonderful children have the opportunity to overcome obstacles and grow in their capabilities. The focus of Dynamizer on individual strengths builds confidence and changes the way children perceive themselves for years to come.”


Gene D’Agostino

Gene D’Agostino

Board of Directors, Oceanside Collegiate Academy

“I have witnessed first-hand how Dynamizer provides an opportunity for young people to understand their own unique strengths and the strengths of others, helping them accept and respect differences as being positive and wonderful.”

John Carroll

John Carroll

Author, The Great Big Book of Goal Setting and Getting

“As an executive coach and consultant, I find great value in identifying, understanding and leveraging one’s strengths. Dynamizer accomplishes this with young people in such a way that they can gain strategies early to live and thrive with a continuing picture of the best version of themselves. This has profound immediate and long-term implications for greater productivity, stronger relationships and effective direction. I strongly recommend Dynamizer for each and every child in your life.”

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